Unique and Original Wooden Bow Ties: A Novelty in the Fashion World

Unique and Original Wooden Bow Ties: A Novelty in the Fashion World

A bow tie is a traditional necktie and since the modern bow tie use a common shoelace knot, it is also called a bow knot. Bow ties are made of fabric materials such as silk, polyester, cotton or a mixture of fabrics. The bow tie might have originated from Croatian mercenaries of the Thirty Year war during the 17th century where they used a scarf around the neck to hold together their shirt’s opening. The French adopted the fashion, named it cravat and later evolved into a bow tie.

Those who wear bow ties give hint of being an intellectual and can suggest technical acumen, making a popular perception that bow tie wearers are professionals, such as architect, attorneys, professors, politicians and pediatricians. The last prefers bow ties since infants can’t grab them easily unlike the four-in-hand necktie. Bow ties aren’t accident prone, such as drooping into soups and food soiling it or a cause of accidental strangulation.

Bow ties are preferable in formal attires for classical musicians, and occasions such as weddings. Bow ties had been used by women in the corporate world, banking and law where it is integrated in conservative tailored suits and buttoned-up blouses. Wearing a bow tie shows an embodiment of propriety, and an indicator of fastidiousness.

Bow ties are making a comeback and being worn by men attending dinners, cocktail parties, and night-outs and to convey a more dressed-up formal image, and worn with suits.

There are 3 types of bow ties which are the pre-tied, the clip on and the self-tie. There are two shapes of self-tie/tie-it-yourself/freestyle bow tie, the bat wing and the thistle or butterfly. The clip on bow tie doesn’t go around the neck instead it is just clipped on to the collar points. Since to tie and make a bow-tie is a challenge, the pre-tied style had been introduced for an easier existence, for ready-tied bow tie, which will never be untied.

Most pre-tied bow ties are made of fabrics such as silk, cotton or velvet. The bow tie is a symbol of elegance and considered as a fashion staple for a well-dressed man. With the intricacies of making a bow tie, an eye-catching option is to make use of wooden bow ties. Comprar pajaritas de madera (buy wooden bow ties) at A-Lives.com for hand-carved wooden ties. The use of wooden bow ties shows a high-end craftsmanship and a fashion statement.

Wooden bow ties are versatile pieces that can go perfectly with dresser outfits and casual outfits worn in a more relax environment.  Although wooden bow ties aren’t usually recommended in events with strict dress code, they can still be a standout, being a novelty in the fashion world. Wooden bow ties are a great way of styling your outfit, very easy to put on and don’t require too much maintenance.

Wooden bow ties comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and in order to this product will be a must have in your wardrobe, choose the right color, the right size and shape and find the right style for your outfit. Choose from the wide selections of wooden bow ties at a-lives.com and orders will be delivered to your doorstep immediately in time for the occasion you need it for.



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