Taking Care of Trees is Part of Parkland Landscaping Company's Expertise

Taking Care of Trees is Part of Parkland Landscaping Company’s Expertise

Can you stop and think for a second on what have you done for the environment so far?

Communities around the world are very much aware of making their neighborhood clean, healthy and beautiful. They engage everyone in planting trees, creating and maintaining green spaces, cleaning up litter and educating the public of the benefits of doing something for Mother Nature. In fact, Parkland in South Florida is connecting and engaging their residents, neighborhood, community groups, and businesses to commit to investing in green spaces to proactively respond on human and ecological risks brought about by climate change.

Protect Green Spaces Campaign

The City Council is promoting tree and shrubs planting to protect green spaces that can contribute to the resilience and sustainability of the community, recognizing the vital importance of having a healthy balance between nature and people. With trees being planted, one needs to monitor the hydration status of a tree to avoid over-watering or under-watering.

ET Landscaping, a Parkland landscaping company that’s experts in lawn maintenance and landscaping services is one of the most sought solutions to check a tree’s hydration status by sticking a screwdriver in the soil below the tree. If it doesn’t sink easily it only means that the tree needs some water.

Another way of checking the tree’s water need is by taking in a handful of soil after digging a 6-8 inch deep where the soil is cool and moist instead of drenched or a roll of sandy soil that can form into a ball. If it’s crumbling, it means that the soil is under-watered.

Trees and plants give off subtle signals and clues about their experiencing conditions. Trees that are overwatered always have wet base, new growth withers or turn to light yellow or green while their leaves may look green and healthy but can break easily as they’re very fragile. Trees that are under-watered have wilted or curled leaves which turns to brown on its tips and edges or might be prematurely drop leaves and get fall colors earlier. More signs of dehydration are off-color/undersized leaves, yellowing leaves or scorched leaves.

Don’t Just Rely on Sprinklers

Putting sprinkler doesn’t answer the problem since the grass absorbs the water first and leave little for the trees which need deep watering. ET Landscaping takes their time to check tree foliages and all plants in the lawn to make sure that the watering schedule won’t be missed especially those in drought-prone areas.

Stop watering over watered trees temporarily to avoid root rot and fungi for about a week, to dry out water before doing the screwdriver test and verify the amount of water to apply. Tree planted in clay soil needs to have compost mixed with it to help in draining the soil. ET Landscaping is always available for any kind of help concerning trees in and all Parkland landscaping needs.


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