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4 Key Reasons Why Windows 10 is Better than the Previous Windows

Being known for bringing bugs and incompatibilities in the computer world, Windows tablet have proven to be improving as the Windows 10 was introduced in the market. This time, have made sure that all the precautions people have made will go to waste as they introduce the new addition in the Windows family. So, why jump right into Windows 10 software? First, “Windows Insiders” have helped in ironing out the many bugs that are in the pre-release of Windows 10. Second, Windows 10 provides a truckload of new features and usability enhancements that make Windows 8.1 looking out of date. It may have taken a bit longer for Microsoft, but it hit the spot with Windows 10 and makes it the best version of Windows ever done.

Here are some of the key reasons as the why Windows 10 is the best than Windows 8:

  • New and better start menu– a sleeker and more adaptive start menu is what Windows 10 is offering to its users. With a lot easier to navigate, you can easily do whatever you want in your windows tablet faster. After refurbishing the hard to find restart or shut down button, Windows 10 makes sure that its user will have a headache trying to find it in the complicated set of Windows 8.1. Unlike Windows 8.1, the start menu of Windows 10 does not hog your tablets whole screen. Instead, it has a traditional pop-up Start menu that just shows at the side of the screen. Aside from that, one major addition is provided by Windows 10 to its users: it now has direct Uninstall link that is located right at the Start menu.
  • Has improved multitasking – windows tablet holds the most excellent multitasking. The addition of snappable windows in Windows 7 made sure that your Windows experience is even better. But with Windows 10, it takes snappable windows to the next level. Snapping a window to have it fill half of the screen and allowing you to have a view on your other open windows provides you with unequalled multitasking.
  • It has a new improved Cortana integration – Cortana was first introduced in Windows Phone 8.1, but now Windows 10 have made sure that it has full control of all Window’s search functions. All the input that is typed in the Windows key will be sent to Cortana. Just like before, Cortana works just like it does in Windows Phone 8.1, where all the desktop applications and apps are in the top the list. One possible trick that if taken advantage to will creates a whole new level of technological advancement in communication. Apps that are integrated with Cortana can be accessed via voice mail. Giving specific functions like instructing Cortana to email a friend and the mail app will pop –up with address field already marked.
  • A fully reborn Microsoft edge browser – after taking down Internet Explorer, Microsoft has provided new, lightweight replacement that will make the user interface more enjoyable. It now runs a new engine that is called EdgeHTML that ensure its user of speedy web browsing.

These are just some of the key reason why using Windows tablet with Windows 10 is a more enjoyable experience than before.