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The Different Types Woman’s Body Shape

Before a girl starts her quest in finding the perfect dress for them or on how to choose the nicest smart casual outfits for them. There are lots of things that are needed to take in consideration. The First thing is that not one body is the same with another. In short, a woman’s body can never be compared to another. A good dress will fit any type of dress properly, but it will provide different look with the different body type. Vestidos are very easy to find what is hard to find are those that will fit right. No matter the type of dress one is looking for they always come back to the most important thing they need to consider and that is their body type. Here are the six categories of body shapes:

  • Hourglass – this body is the most coveted type of body shape for a woman. It has an equal proportion at the bust and hip area while it accentuates the narrow waistline. It is also known as the x shape or 8-frame body type. This type of body shape gives a woman easy time to look for a perfect dress any type of vestidos will suit just right.
  • Spoon – also commonly known as the pear shape where the lower portion of the body has the broadest size among the other section of the body. The upper part of the body is relatively small. This part includes the bust and waist section of the body. The hip part which is the broadest part of the body gives the look of sexiness for women. Although looking for a dress can be a bit tricky it can provide a sensual look especially for men who are more into hips and butt than waist and bust.
  • Top Hourglass – this kind of body shape allows a woman to have a well-defined waistline. The hips of a woman with top hourglass body shape have a smaller bust line and legs that are in the same length as the body’s upper torso. Most women who have this kind of body shape are usually the one who possess long legs that can last forever.
  • Oval – this type of body shape focuses all the weight on the bust area. Women with this kind of body shape usually have slender hips, but the weight on the stomach areas is more noticeable that reduces the appearance of the waistline. This can kind of body shape is quite hard to look for a perfect dress as it needs to focus on the waist part of the body.
  • Inverted Triangle – this type of body shape focuses the body weight at the upper part of the body. The lower part of the body is smaller. The body has broad shoulder, smaller waistline and hips.
  • Diamond – this type of body shape features hips that are way larger than the shoulders and bust line. The midsection is the fullest part of the body and also shows its widest part.