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Top 7 Kitchen Remodeling Trends You Must See This 2017

What are your home plans for this year 2017? Would you stick with your home’s current interior or will you start a remodeling project to freshen the ambiance of the home? Whatever you are planning to do for this year, you may want to take it easy with your kitchen.

The kitchen is the place in your home that you want to be really careful when it comes to the trendy choice. This is essential because the last thing you would want is a kitchen that is out of trend because you didn’t follow a certain kitchen style. Instead of following an in-demand trend, look at the trend in terms of the value it provides to your home and into your life.

To help you out, here are the 7 expert trends that are recommended by reformas cocinas zaragoza / Kitchens remodeling Zaragoza:

  1. You’ll Never go Wrong with White.

Believe it or not, white kitchen is popular this year and white kitchen cabinets continue to flourish. Besides white cabinet, we also have white back splashes beneath white cabinets with white counter tops. Besides the white paint, white appliances are also in trend because they are a lot easier to be cleaned than stainless.

  1. Go for Neutral Gray.

The sophisticated color of gray is soaring really high. For this is considered as the fastest growing kitchen color scheme for this year. But you should be careful in using the color gray because, in cold climates, gray can appear really frozen unless it’s used on warm materials like wooden cabinets and on a pair of hot colors like yellow and red. But, it’s the other way around during hot climates because it appears pleasantly cool during this weather.

  1. Grip the Presence of Smaller Appliances.

You should know that smaller appliances are considered big these days. To the extent that owners of generational homes have been installing tiny, secondary kitchens where they can entertain returning adult children and elderly parents.

  1. Instead of Granite, choose Quartz Counters.

According to consumer reports, Quartz is the toughest countertop material. It can resists burns, scratches, and chips. Although it looks like real granite, it still beats the natural stone when it comes to toughness and the best thing about this material is it’s easy to be maintained.

  1. Be creative with your Fridge.

Bulky refrigerators are no longer in trend because today, homeowners can customize their cooling needs by placing it where they need it. This means you can add a counter-height fridge in your prep island. You can be creative on where you place your fridge as long as it’s doable.

  1. Add a touch activated faucet.

You may think that touch activated faucets are very expensive, but you can save on your water bills in the long run. The technology behind this faucet allows you to turn on your faucet even with dirty hands, and the faucet will turn on when you want them to.

  1. Embrace Transitional Designs.

If you want your kitchen to follow a trend that could last for years, you should stick with transitional designs that are created with sleek simplicity because it combines contemporary and traditional designs all in one.

By following this latest trend, you can never go wrong as you start your kitchen renovation project with the help of reformas cocinas zaragoza / Kitchens remodeling Zaragoza.





Tips on How to Have a Perfect Kitchen Renovation

It is a common knowledge that kitchen is the most important part of the house. The kitchen holds the busiest traffic and is where people gather and spend most of their time together. Reformas cocinas Zaragoza shows that renovating or reforming your kitchen will not only improve your kitchen’s overall look but will also bring ease to your lifestyle and increases the value of your house. Most people are more into their kitchen and there are many deals that are being broken just because of the kitchen. So, if you are planning to have your kitchen renovated and still thinking of ways on how to ensure that you have done the right thing, here are some of the things you should consider in updating your kitchen.

  • Always use quality materials – quality materials has the guarantee of lasting for long, durable and reliable in terms of a warranty. Top quality, drawers are far from sticking than cheap materials that only needs a few months and will start acting up. It is best to stay away from drawers that are made of particle boards or the one that is just stapled together. You can opt for a wood veneer for your cabinet interiors for more durable cabinet drawers.
  • Know your cabinet heights – the higher your cabinet than larger your space can become. It offers more storage and extra space on your wall. If you owned a house that has an eight-foot ceiling gives you a better chance of having a cabinet as high as your ceiling but if you have a ceiling that is more than eight-foot then leave at least 15-18 inches below the ceiling.
  • Choose between painting or stain – most stained-wood can be forgiving when it comes to the look of the cabinet but the finishes date quicker and cannot be easily altered while painted cabinets can give a better look and unique personality.
  • Opt for an elegant countertop – stained wood in combination with White Carrara marble brings elegance and warmth into your house. Countertops can make you feel the luxury of the kitchen and not just being used for chopping and placing food.
  • Never to overdo the details – you will know if you already overdone your kitchen design. A kitchen should be pleasant in the eyes and not just something that look like a hurricane has jumbled up your style. Remember that this is where you will spend most of your time with your family and will cater with your guest. This is also where your amigas will judge you and your taste in terms of designing your kitchen so better make it something that is classy and sophisticated by minimizing your decorations that is not fit for your kitchen design and add texture that will make your kitchen looks like spacious and wide.

Kitchens that is pleasant looking and bright makes mealtime an enjoyable event for everyone. As it is also the place where an important event is happening, it is only best to know that a kitchen that is beautifully constructed is good for the bonding moment of the family.