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Tips on Building a Log Bed for Your Own Bedroom

Many people have decided that they want to build their own log bed and use it in their bedrooms. Building a log bed requires some skills and knowledge, as well as following some basic tips that are essential when planning your log bed. There is also the necessity to have particular supplies that are necessary for the plan to be put in motion and to be completed. It really makes the process of building log beds easier and even more fun, as well as the results more satisfying.

Many of the people who are willing to have log beds in their bedrooms want to do that because they think it is extremely cozy and very comfortable. Log beds also fit perfectly with many of the furniture decors for the bedrooms and this makes it even better for fulfilling the desire of building a log bed and sleeping on it in your bedroom. People with experience in building log beds have shared some tips that need to be taken into consideration in order to have the best possible results after the process is finished.

The first thing that needs to be considered is the size of the log bed. This really depends on where you plan to put it. You have to measure carefully the place where you plan the bed to be in your bedroom or other room and then use these measurements for considering all of the parts that you need in order to build the log bed. This is a very important thing to consider because if you make the wrong measurements then you will have to break it down and build a new one in order to be able to fit it there.

Another important thing to consider are the tools that you will be using. There is certainly going to be the need to use some tools when you are building the log bed and you have to be aware of the tools that you will need in order to construct the log bed quickly and easily without having to search for each tool at the time when you actually need it. Some of the tools that you may be needing might be necessary to purchase them from the shop if you do not have a tool box that includes tools such as a saw, as well as a chisel.

Some of the things that you should consider getting while constructing the log bed are the draw knives. It can be a single straight knife which is there in order to strip the wood. You can also use a curved knife which is necessary in order to peel, as well as strip the log bark. Some of the shaping of the log can also be performed with draw knives.

It is important to prepare yourself for the construction of the log bed that you are desiring to have in your bedroom in order to enjoy it as much as you want.


log bed

How to Give Your Home an Edgy Look: Going the Eclectic Route

Is your house quite, bland, uninspiring, or not motivational? Or admittedly maybe it’s an eyesore a clash of colors, pieces and prints even you find it hard to resist not to barf. The problem with both situations is that both are afraid of going too much and going too little respectively. If your mind can’t radar the balance in redecorating or which style or method you might like to go without losing charm, refined, but with a bit of kick, then you might like to consider gong eclectic.

Eclectic for those not on the loop is an interior design style where several themes, time periods, or colors are smushed up together to create a unique, quirky yet cohesive balanced look, giving the space a sense of organized chaos, it’s just the right of restrained. It’s both the maximalist and the minimalist both can thrive. Art and unexpected textures or pieces are the accent pieces here so every room has a tinged of the unexpected. Here how you can pull the look off.

Travel Luxe

                Prints and artifacts from all over the world give off the impression that he owner is well traveled and having a seasoned eye. Make your home like a cool nifty museum but still evoking that warm, cozy feeling. Pile on the objects and invest on furniture that’s uniquely exotic. Show that cultures can truly be united by a paradisiacal mix of nations under one roof. Stick to the same print family or color palette to avoid looking cluttered. An all-American log bed, an oxblood Morrocan carpet, a Navajo tribe hat accent piece, a Mongolian tapestry in one corner, an Aztec plate set in a cabinet, a ikat printed scarf wrapped in a Nigerian rocking chair. All these mixes make a truly unique space that doubles as inspiration and motivation to travel more.

Time Suspended

                Mixing random time periods together is a wonderful sight to see as it makes your space look like you’re travelling between time periods but altogether at the same time. A Roman bust in one corner next to a 1920’s car model next to an avant-garde, architectural looking graphic vase looks very cheeky. Again stick to a uniforming color palette for a cohesive look. Also try a little more of an adventurous play with mixing specific art periods together. Mix Art Deco with Art Noveau or Baroque with 60’s Pop Art, or a Renaissance painting with something postmodern. Nothing says you’re an intellectual badass and care about history than this one.

Pile On the Color

If the other two items on the list warn you not to play with this one, you are encouraged to go crazy! Decorate your home in a very minimalistic style, select you furniture wisely, and stick to a cohesive time period this time. We suggest modern clean selections but keep the walls or accent pieces in unexpected hues. Like coral and teal, or yellow and pink, or marsala and grey. Nix, chuck, throw the color wheel out the window and experiment with the wonders of color. There is an endless combo out there but just make sure your furniture are simple and the space is not filled with too much attention-grabbing pieces.