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Top Five Cleaning Equipment you should invest in

Cleaning is a tedious and boring task. This is probably the reason why many homeowners don’t enjoy cleaning. However, it is really important to keep the house clean and tidy at all times. Luckily, there are different cleaning tools and equipment that can help to lighten up the load. If you are planning to purchase a cleaning tool and equipment or two, here are the five cleaning equipment you should invest in.

Cleaning equipment # 1: Limpiadoras a presion

The limpiadoras a presion has been one of the most sought after cleaning equipment for quite some time now. It is easy to use, reliable, tough, and suitable for different kinds of stains. The limpiadoras a presion can be sued to clean the garage doors, exterior siding of the bricks, fences, outdoor grill, patios and decks, driveway, outdoor furniture, vehicle, lawn equipment and mower, trash can, and many more.

Cleaning equipment # 2: Walk behind Micro Scrubber

The walk behind micro scrubber is the trendiest cleaning equipment these days. The equipment effectively rubs off dirt and dust sticking to the surface of the floor. The walk behind micro scrubber can also be used in cleaning the garage floor since there is a high tendency that the crude oil stains the floor. The walk behind micro scrubber can effectively remove said stains to keep the floor astonishingly clean and presentable.

Cleaning equipment # 3: Backpack Vacuum

The vacuum is another must have when it comes to cleaning. But, did you know that there are types and kinds of vacuum that are now available in the markets? The vacuum cleaner that we knew has already evolved into upright vacuums, canister vacuums, stick vacuums, handheld vacuums, robotic vacuums, and back vacuums. For sure, there is a type of vacuum that is perfectly suitable for your needs and preference.

Cleaning equipment # 4: All-surface cleaner

If you are looking for cleaning equipment that is suitable for different surfaces, the all-surface cleaner is the best option. It can be used to clean almost every part of the house, from the bedroom, kitchen, attic, garage, up to the bathroom’s dirtiest areas. Because of this, the all-surface cleaner is slowly turning into the homeowners’, as well as establishment owners’ secret in keeping the whole dwelling clean and tidy at all times.

Cleaning equipment # 5: Floor burnisher

A floor burnisher is a type of cleaning equipment that comes with a tough bristled brush attached in its lower part. It rotates at high speed in order to sweep off the dirt and dust in the surface. The floor burnisher is often used to provide a shiny and squeaky clean look for the floor. As of the moment, there are three main types which include the electric, the battery-powered, and the propane floor burnisher.

Cleaning will never be as difficult as it was once you have one of the cleaning equipment mentioned above. Aside from that, it will become a fun and enjoyable activity that makes the house and dwelling clean and a pleasant place to live in.


limpiadoras a presion

Quick and Easy Cleaning Tips and Tricks that you Should Know

Cleaning is a tiresome and boring task. That’s the main reason why the majority of homeowners tend to skip cleaning the house. But it is very important to avoid the buildup of dust and dirt inside the house. The clean and organized surrounding is an indication of a healthier family. Aside from that, having a clean house can make you and your family more comfortable in staying in the house. If you find cleaning as a boring task, the followings are quick and easy cleaning tips and tricks that you can use in your next general cleaning chore.

  • Remove the germs in a dishwashing sponge- the dishwashing sponge is used to clean the plates and other stuff in the kitchen. But, do you know if the sponges are clean enough to do the cleaning? To clean the sponge, place it inside the microwave oven for two to three minutes. The heat will kill the germs lying in the sponge. Do this trick as often as possible.
  • Use a limpiadoras a presionit helps to clean the entire floor area and surface.
  • Use cream of tartar to clean the toaster- the toaster is one of the most used and abused kitchen appliance. Thus, there is a higher tendency that it will accumulate stains. To remove it, make a paste using 2 tbsp of cream of tartar and add a few drops of water. Mix the two ingredients and scrub it off in the toaster. It can also be used in other kitchen appliances made with stainless steel exterior.
  • Refresh the mattress with a baking soda- mix a few drops of essential oil of your choice with baking soda. Sprinkle the mixture in the mattress and let it stay in the mattress for 30 minutes to one hour. The baking soda has a chemical that cleans the fabric of the mattress while the essential oil will provide a fresh scent.
  • Use a doughy white bread to remove grimes in painting- bread isn’t just for your family’s snacks. It can also work as an effective cleaner most especially in old and dusty oil painting. Use the doughy white bread to wipe the oil painting slightly. You can also clean it by patting motion. The dirt and dust will stick in the doughy white bread. As a result, the oil painting will look as if it’s a brand new.
  • Old newspapers can be used to wipe the glass window– instead of using rugs and microfiber cloths, the newspaper can clean the entire glass window without leaving traces of dust. It is an effective way to keep the window clean.
  • Clean the light bulbs using microfiber cloths- unscrew the light bulbs and use microfiber cloths to wipe away the dust and dirt. Do this trick at least once a month to prevent the buildup of dirt and dust.
  • Use an old pair of socks to clean window blinds- wear the socks as it if is your gloves. Wipe the entire segments of the window blinds as you would normally do. Since your hands are covered with fabric, you can clean the inner and outer portion of the blinds simultaneously.