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The Five Important Benefits of Using Email Verification API

The average number of emails sent and received every day is over 100 billion. Thus, email remains to be the dominant form of communication in the field of business and even in personal space. For businesses and companies, email is a vital medium that serves as the primary means to communicate with other businesses and clients or customers. Through the years, sending and receiving emails offer various benefits. That’s the main reason why businesses and companies invest time and effort in making each and every email worth reading or responding too.

In the past few years, emails are utilized by businesses and companies to send promotions, special offers, and encourage traffic, leads, and conversion. Sending email is a great way to reach potential customers in the comforts of your own office and by using the gadgets or devices that you already have. Without a doubt, email is an effective marketing tool. But, there’s a downside or negative outcome that you might face when you utilize sending emails- the undeliverable emails. In a study conducted by Return Path, the reputation of the email sender will be 77% dependent on the email delivery problem. With this number, email verification API is essential to address the dilemma.

  1. Email verification API helps to lessen the complaints caused by spam trap hits- building your reputation as a trusted sender provides various benefits. If the emails you sent are directly received in the receiver’s mailbox, your message can be clearly understood. In addition, your future emails and messages are more likely to be welcomed without the threat of being marked as a spam message.
  2. Utilizing the email verification API will reduce the bounce rate- preventing invalid emails from being part of the mailing list or removing those that have been in the directory means that a larger portion or percentage of the emails you sent will be delivered and received by the target recipient.
  3. The email delivery and results will increase- a dignified reputation is essential for email marketers. If you achieved a better reputation from lesser complaints and bounces, most of your messages and email will land into the primary inbox of your subscriber. As a result, there is a greater chance that the subscriber will open, read, and respond to the email you sent.
  4. Affordable mailing costs- if you will use Email verification API, you don’t have to send hundreds of emails. As a matter of fact, a few emails that are delivered into their rightful places are enough to get the result that you are aiming for. The fewer messages you sent, the larger amount of money will be saved for future marketing strategies. In addition, the Email verification API is a great investment most especially if your business or company depends on email and electronic messages to communicate and reach the customers and subscribers.
  5. Useful leads that can turn into customers or conversions- email addresses that are validated will increase the data quality and the number of people who will receive the email. The limited number of valid or working emails translates into a better number of revenue and prospect customers