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Have you recently lost your precious dog?

Have you recently lost your precious dog? Do you need help with locating them? Well look no further. Petroruba can assist you if you can provide one of the following items:

  1. An electronic chip in the collar or embedded in the dog
  2. The information that is written on the tag
  3. A complete description of your animal
  4. The name your pet answers to. This would be necessary if someone found your dog and wanted to verify that you are indeed the owner.

We will place everything that we have in bringing your pet back to you and the environment that they are used to. There are a few easy steps that we can start the search to bring your pet back to you, and they include these steps:

  1. If your dog has some form of a tracker, gather up the registered serial number that is around the neck of the dog or embedded into their skin, or the basic information concerning the dog to use for searching purposes.
  2. Place the number or the description into the search box on petroruba.com and click the location where you would like to begin the search.
  3. There are a few things that can happen from this point:
  • If someone has found the dog in that area based on the description, they will contact us, and we will contact you. We do this so that you the owner can verify with the finder if the dog belongs to you based on the information that you and the finder agree upon.
  • If the tracker locates them and they are on the move, we will follow the tracker until the item is within our grasp.
  • If the search doesn’t bring anything up we will check our column where people comment on the lost items that they have found. The benefit of this is that the information is given by good Samaritans who petroruba rewards based on the description and the search of the item.

By now you are probably wondering how much is this process going to cost me and how can you keep up with the information that we have found on your dog, here is how we can perform these tasks.

  • The operation cost little to nothing for the first time which is considered your trial period. So you do not have to automatically sign up for anything.
  • Our services can be used from any electronic device that has Internet access such as a phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Our services are available through GPS satellites and are given in real time so that your possessions are found as soon as possible.

So the next time that you lose your dog which is dear to you and you do not know where to start, consider starting with petroruba.com to begin your search to bring your pet back where it belongs. Remember that you can search for the item using a variety of things like serial numbers, color, or simply by putting in lost dog and clicking on the location where you last saw the item or object.