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Different Sunglass Lenses for Eye Protection

With the extensive heat coming from the sun, the majority of people are wearing sunglasses today as part of their protective measure for the eyes. It is designed to prevent the high level of brightness and visible light in damaging and in bringing discomfort to the eyes. Aside from being an eye protector it also works as a visual aid. But unlike reading glasses, sunglasses features lenses that could be colored, polarized or even darkened.

Many would think that they only need sunglasses during sunny days, but they are wrong. Because UV light can go right through the clouds, sunglasses can also be used during cloudy days; especially on time where the sun ray is stronger which is from 10am to 2pm. But with the different kinds of cristales para gafas de sol, how can we choose the right one for our eyes.

With this matter at hand, it is best to ask for an advice from a professional optician to help in choosing the right set of sunglasses that works for us. And for additional knowledge here are the kinds of lenses we can choose from and their definitions.


This type of lenses can block blue light and it usually comes in amber lenses. There are some indications that make blue lights harmful and could damage the eyes, which is very typical in diseases like macular degeneration. These lenses are mostly used by skiers, hunters, pilots and even boaters to heighten the contrast.


These lenses are tinted from its top until its bottom, but the top part is the darkest. Gradient lenses are used for driving because it can shield the eyes from overhead sunlight which allows more light to penetrate on the bottom half of the lens to allow wearers to see their dashboard clearly.


This refers to lenses that are tinted from the top to bottom. Unlike gradient lenses, the darkest part of these lenses is on the top and bottom keeping the middle with a lighter tint. These lenses are the best choice for those who want a sunglass that is not too dark but could shield the eyes against the bright sunlight and other light that reflects on the sand, water and other reflective surfaces.


The said lenses and coating can both cut reflected glare. These are mostly seen on water and snow sports player, with anti-reflecting coat it can reduce the glare that is caused by the light reflecting at the back surface of their sunglass lenses.


These types of lenses can limit the amount of light that will enter the eyes so that the wearers can feel more comfortable. With the lenses made from mirror coatings or also called as flash coating it can reduce the amount of light that could enter the eyes. This is possible because the highly reflective coatings are applied on the front surface of the sunglasses lenses. This is very beneficial for activities with a very bright condition.


These eyeglass lenses is one of a kind, as it automatically darkens when exposed to sunlight and fade back to its normal shade on indoors, which is very beneficial for those who do not want to change their eyewear frequently.

Now that we are aware on the different types of lenses, we can now choose the right cristales para gafas de sol for our eye needs.