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The Types of Addiction Treatment Center and How it Will Help You Fight Your Addiction

Finding out that your friend or one of your family members is suffering from addiction, knowing what to do is important. It can be heartbreaking to know that a friend or a family member is dependent to a harmful substance but doing nothing to help can be devastating. There are times when a friend badly needed help and no one was able to provide the help that is needed. This is just one of the cases of people who are suffering of from addiction. One of the best help that can be done is to first address the problem. Admitting that he is suffering from addiction is the first step to sobriety. Having him enrolled in addiction treatment center can be hard but as it is the only help you can do. Before you encourage him to enroll in an addiction treatment center, here are some of the treatments options that may help him decide:

  • Inpatient or Residential Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program

This is one of the most recognizable forms of substance abuse treatment that being used by many. Inpatient treatment rehab facilities offer the most private approach in treatment and rehabilitation. Residential treatment facilities are typically located in remote areas in the country. The most common areas that are being utilized by such facility are the mountainous place or areas that extend to the wilderness. This center’s aim is to provide seclusion, calm and relaxation to someone who is struggling through drug use.

Inpatient or residential facilities require their members to stay for a certain period of time that usually takes a month. There are no retrains used in the facility as only those who are willing to fight their addiction are being admitted. Though there is still some situation when a member decided to leave but is not allowed to come back.

  • Outpatient Treatment Program

For some people, residential treatment program is not the best idea as there is work or other obligations that a month of treatment is not possible. However, getting the treatment needed can still be received through outpatient treatment programs. Spending a month in the woods is not necessary needed especially for those who can still manage their addiction. Outpatient programs offer treatment options that are comparable to treatments on inpatient facilities. The only difference between the two is that outpatient treatment programs allow their member to go back to the comfort of their own home. But that does not mean that they have less stringent policies when it comes to them treating their patients. They provide scheduled meetings that are convenient for their patients and ensure that their members attend their meetings regularly.

  • Behavioral Therapy Programs

With this type of treatment, behavioral therapy is incorporated to some degree or another. And most of the patients trying this type of treatment provide a positive response to the dedicated program of discussion and therapy. This type of program allows a patient to discuss the issues that led him into addiction. There are also different approaches used in the therapy that focuses on fostering motivation and exploring the issues that contribute to addiction.