Glasses Laces to Show Off Fabulous and Fashionable Eyewear

Glasses Laces to Show Off Fabulous and Fashionable Eyewear

People with blurry eyesight had improvised using crude, rudimentary things in order to clearly see the surroundings. Prehistoric people wore flattened walrus ivory in front of their faces to ward off the sun’s rays. Emperor Nero holds a polished emerald to shield his eyes while watching gladiators fight and his tutor Seneca claimed he was able to read all books in Rome using a large glass bowl filled with water.

Bifocals were then invented both for concave and convex lenses to treat farsightedness and nearsightedness, the only problem is that these eyeglasses wouldn’t stay on their faces. Silk ribbons were tied to the lenses and looped them on the wearer’s ears by Spanish eyeglass makers, and a London optician Edward Scarlett attached two rigid rods to the lenses and rested them on top of the ears.

The use of eyeglass had a connotation of age and infirmity and well-dressed Victorian ladies often wear long chains draped around their chest with their glasses to avoid having them on their faces all the time, but needs to ensure that were close at hand when needed. These are ornate chains and seen to be a statement of wealth and fashion.

Theodore Roosevelt is one iconic figure that made it acceptable to keep frames off the face once in a while using an eyeglass chain. The trend of keeping frames chained is kept alive by highly groomed working women, leathery skinned men on the beaches of Spain and well to do women on the skiing slopes of Austria.

Eyeglass retainers are used to hold glasses in place, to ensure that even on extended wear the eyeglasses that tend to slip down the nose will be held in place and not misplaced. Since eyeglass wearers found themselves in a very uncomfortable position of having their eyeglasses constantly slipping down their faces, the need for eyeglass retainers had evolved.

There are several reasons why eyeglasses slip such as ill-fitted glasses, cheap quality glasses, deformed eyeglasses, abnormal head shape, flat nose, lack of nose pads, temple tips, paddle temples, heavy prescriptions, asymmetrical ear to nose distance, oily complexion, and perspiration.

In dealing with slipping eyeglasses different types of retainers had been created. The rise of eyeglass chains is the very first type of eyeglass retainers to ensure that people remains connected to their eyeglasses and not misplaced them. Enterprising individuals had sought to replace eyeglass chains which were made of metal with cordones para gafas (glasses laces) or eyeglass chords made of cloth for cost savings.

Eyeglass straps are used by sporty persons to enjoy leisurely activities such as playing badminton, or golf or going canoeing without the necessity of buying sports glasses of special goggles. They are cheap to produce and are made of rubber derivatives such as neoprene. Other types of eyeglass retainers are temple attachments, temple grips, eyeglass cables, and eyeglass retainer hooks. is an online Spanish store that offers all types of eyeglass retainers at very affordable prices. Enjoy hanging sunglasses and eyeglasses by purchasing authentic Hangers products. Show all fabulous and fashionable eyewear using stylish glasses laces to ensure that they will not be misplaced and not lose them forever. For additional information, inquiries and orders send an email to with delivery within 7-14 days.



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