Get on with Vintage Creative Crafts and Buttons

Get on with Vintage Creative Crafts and Buttons

Do you know that you can do a whole lot more with buttons than just patching them on your clothes and stuff toys? Talking about art and creativity, buttons are handy materials if you want to create simple but fantastic DIY projects that are manualidades creativas vintage (vintage creative crafts). As a matter of fact, vintage crafts with buttons are also considered as the cheapest ones to make.

How Far Can You Go with Buttons?

If you have a collection of buttons, it would be easier for you to come up with a bigger project. For instance, you can create a wall décor, flowers or bouquet, pillow cover decoration, and so much more with buttons. The more the merrier! If your grandmother or mother keeps a vintage box, sorting it out will surely lead you to distinctive buttons in all sizes. Read on for some sample manualidades creativas vintage (vintage creative crafts) that you can create with buttons.

Spring Bouquet

Who can resist the spring flowers? They are just so lovely that putting them in your room for the whole year is really tempting. But since you can’t do that, creating spring flowers with different colors of papers as petals and buttons as the center of the flowers would perhaps suffice it.

Monthly Calendar

Obviously, you can’t just put buttons around the vacant space on your DIY monthly calendar. All you need to do is glue in each number of days in per month on each button and glue it on the a piece of board. Don’t forget to put its designated month.

Notebook Edges

Where to put your little buttons on your notebook? Right! Putting them along the edges would be great but that wouldn’t make your notebook any different to others. Instead, use a thin wire where you will insert your buttons, and then start stitching.

Giant Button Wall Décor

Can’t find a giant button for this project? There is no such thing that manufacturers produce so stop wasting the time of finding one. Instead, get some old plastic or paper plates and work your magic by painting on it then, cut short thick ropes that will look like stitch threads on it before patching them on the wall.

DIY Keyring

Who said you have to spend a big amount of money just to get your own key ring? Grab your accessory kit and get those old key rings out for some modifications. Punch the smaller rings on the buttons’ holes and create a loop until you make a bunch of them that are connected to each other. This is super easy, fun, and very vintage.


Get those pieces of straps in your box and stitch a button on one end where your garter or yarn can loop for the lock.

Creative Tray

This is the simplest craft you can do with buttons and a tray. Just lay your collection of buttons flatly to estimate the total number of buttons you’ll need. Once each button has its own place, glue them one by one and let it dry for a couple of minutes.

For occasions, you can buy ready-made manualidades creativas vintage (vintage creative crafts) at anytime. Expect it on your doorsteps safe and sound.


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