Choosing the Safest Skin Care Product for Your Little One

Choosing the Safest Skin Care Product for Your Little One

Babies are known to have the most sensitive skin that is why it is a must for as parents to ensure that the products we are using to our little ones are safe for their delicate skin. For years, many moms are using a very popular brand the Johnson and Johnson. But recently, this well-known brand has been under the radar of the Campaign for Safer Cosmetics.

With the campaign’s advocacy, Johnson & Johnson agreed to reformulate their line of skin care products and to remove some ingredients that are known today as toxic.

As a huge brand like this announces or go through a drastic change, it only shows that some chemicals used on baby products are becoming a concern. With this alarming news, many parents of today are switching to natural and safer products like the once they seen on Suavinex online (Suavinex online).

The products of Suavenix are specially developed for your baby’s sensitive skin. But, you’ll agree when I say that most of the time you find it hard to tell if the product you are using is the real deal. To help you out, here are tips that can help you choose the safest baby skin care product in the market today.

Tip #1: Know which claim is true.

Many baby skin care line claims that their products are “dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, no-tears formula, for sensitive skin, natural and fragrance-free”. But many of these claims are not regulated or investigated by the regulatory authorities. As your best bet, you can go over the ingredient list because product ingredient lists never lie.

Tip #2: Be knowledgeable of the most commonly used Petroleum derived ingredients.

Most commercial brands of baby products contain petroleum derivatives that are from crude oil and some of them are Mineral Oil, Propylene, Polysorbates and Petrolatum. They have used these for the reason that, they are cheap, abundant and can last forever on the shelf. The downside of using these chemicals is that it can easily be contaminated with carcinogens during the manufacturing phase and has a connection with allergies.

Tip #3: Be wary about the added preservatives.

Using of preservative is necessary to extend products shelf life but as years pass, there is a huge scale of preservative used on natural and synthetic products such as,

Parabens – this preservative is link to tumors on the skin and breast.

Phenoxyethanol – this preservative is commonly used on natural and organic products and is known to depress the central nervous system.

Benzyl Alcohol – this has been commonly used on mainstream and natural products it has always been associated with contact allergy.

Tip #4: Avoid using products with fragrance.

Fragrance ingredients on skin care products are mostly synthetic fragrances and the majority of these synthetic compounds derived from petroleum as well coal tar. These compounds are link to cancer, birth defects, allergic reactions and central nervous system disorders.

Aside from that, essential oils used on many natural products for fragrance emit the same chemicals when over used. The sad part is, as a manufacturer trade secret, they are not required to list that made up the essential oil.

Although the tips above are quite handy, nothing can bite your own search when it comes to the safe ingredients you can use for your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin.


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