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Music Promotion – How to Do it Online with Indie Music

When you are a music artist, and you have limited means to establish yourself as a full-fledged musician, you need to find ways that can make people know your music exists. You will be doing music promotion that is unlike mainstream. Mainstream music relies heavily on managers and the funding they’ve got from recording companies. But when you have so little to expand for establishing your music, you can make others know about you but taking advantage of the tools you can find online.


The Beatscore

Not everyone is aware of But this is where most musicians, mainstream or indie, post up their music. In fact, it is more like a haven for indie since they get to post their music online without paying for streaming them. All they need is to have their music recorded and place it in this site’s database.


However, the music promotion of Beatscore is quite different from any other system you’ve seen online.


There is YouTube, where you put up your music for free, but you need to be active in your approach by visiting other channels and engage with viewers that are sharing the same interests as yours. However, YouTube is more of visual presentation rather than with music, although it should be a balance of both if you are into video making. If you only want to focus on music, you should have it posted in The reason? People who listen to your music will be graded, and you are given points in return. It is similar to a game wherein you rake points and use these points you have earned and bought the items available on this site. Aren’t online games like that – when you earn a lot of points, you can convert them into the currency that the game accepts and buy it with several power-ups? This is music promotion works in


What other things should you expect from

You get to unlock star achievements, ranks, gain customizations and even get more points from that you can use get more items that will increase your level on the site. To increase your level, the only option you have is to earn enough experience to pass up to the next level. This is pretty much like you are playing an RPG game, but you are simply playing a game wherein you use your music as your weapon. This is one unique way of music promotion.


Many award winning music icons in the industry, including producers from the film industry are gathered on this site since they find a lot of good quality music in it. They say that they can find it pretty easily compared to any other sites that have music promotion. This means that this is the best opportunity for you to promote your music. The best leaders in the music industry will find your music in no time, as long as you keep increasing your level by gathering Beatscore points!