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An introduction to the basic kinds of Guitars

There are a number of different types of guitars and the type you get depends upon what you want to do with it. The main types of guitar are as follows:

Classical or Spanish Guitar

The comprar guitarra española or Spanish guitar is a musical instrument traditionally used for playing “classical” music comes originally from Spain. The Spanish guitar is made out of wood with a great, hollow soundbox give a shape that is designed to look reminiscent of the female torso. This is probably why many male guitar players provide their instruments with female names. Historically, the Spanish guitar was strung with the use of gut strings. Nowadays, strings made of nylon are used. This creates a gentle, slightly muted, sweet sound. This Spanish Guitar is an ideal instrument for any melodic tune but is specifically suited to play classical music.

Flamenco Guitar

A Flamenco guitar and a Spanish guitar are practically identical to each other. The only key difference between a Flamenco guitar and a Spanish guitar is that the Flamenco guitar’s fretboard is wider than the Spanish Guitar. Apart from it, the two guitar kind can be mistaken for each other.

Acoustic or Folk Guitar

The Acoustic guitar is similar in design to the Spanish guitar. What sets the Acoustic guitar from the Spanish guitar is the following:

  • The Acoustic guitar has a narrower fretboard with extra strengthening to cope with greater tension.
  • The sound-box of an Acoustic guitar is sometimes extra,
  • The strings of an Acoustic guitar are made out of steel.

The sound of an Acoustic guitar is thinner and a bit “brittle”, and a cheap Acoustic guitar can sometimes sound tiny and minute. But this kind of guitar is widely popular especially with folk musicians, who have no problem playing complex and intricate styles on it. If you do a lot of heavy strumming, taking your first steps in rock, and want to play rhythms, or if you want to play blues and its variants, then you should give this kind of guitar a consideration.

Electric Guitar

An Electric guitar requires the aid of an electric amplifier for any considerable sound to be heard. Many Electric guitars are made of solid wood, without any resonating air gaps. Some electric guitars have a thin, hollow soundbox where the electric components are skillfully concealed. The electric guitar is often used for pop, rock, and all their subgenres, as well as for performances where amplification is duly needed.

Semi-acoustic Guitar

A Semi-acoustic guitar is an Electric guitar that has a large enough and ample hollow soundbox that can make sound considerable enough without the need to plug the guitar into an amplifier. Because the guitar’s soundbox is usually made out of metal, it may not have the depth and the quality of sound produced by an Acoustic guitar.

Bass Guitar

A Bass guitar is the kind that comes with four or, in rare occasions, five strings. Bass guitars occasionally are crafted with a fretless neck. The Bass guitar is commonly used for playing down a bass line, and occasionally to play the rhythm. Some rock bands, the drummer are replaced by the Bass guitar player as the one who holds the band’s music together.


cuadros de desnudos

Qualities of a Good Art in the Contemporary Times

Distinguishing a good art from the pool of bad art could be daunting, especially if you do not have a queer eye to understanding what the painter is trying to convey. When it comes to knowing the message of an art, you can’t just entrust it to the experts as there are times that even them are hard to understand. However, if you will know the qualities that make an art good or bad, probably you will understand what it meant by comparing your own deductions with what the painter is trying to depict from their works.

So how would you know if the cuadros de desnudos you happen to see in an exhibit is a good or bad art? Here is the qualities of art you can use in your own critiquing attempt.

1 – Beauty: The beauty of the cuadros de desnudos is always in the eye of the beholder but having no reasons to back them up why it is a thing to hold forever is what makes your decision to consider the art beautiful to be baseless. When it comes to deciding whether an art is good or bad, it should be instinctive and natural. But it does not have to pressure or torture you because being captivated to the art is enough to say that art is beautiful.

2 – Skill and techniques utilized: What is measurable and comparable when it comes to art is the technical skill employed by the artist. You can determine how skillful an artist by comparing their works on the others, from the medium they have used, the impressive factor of the art among the others, and the consistency of the art.

3 – Meaning: Images are said to bear a thousand of words that is considered to be one of the most powerful creation of man because it can incite emotions, opinions and beliefs of people. Although some art are not meant to provoke the emotions of people who will be seeing it, others were just done in order to express their selves. And the meaning of the art, take note, could be classified according to its level that includes: purely representations, art references, storytelling art, statement art, and allegory or metaphorical art.

4 – Authenticity: Through the uniqueness of the art, you will be able to identify what the artist is trying to depict and how it is depicted. A good art allows its audience to explore old and new subjects in a way that it was never done before by anyone else. An authentic good art is something that always gives chills in your bones or goose bumps that you can’t even express a word to describe it.

5 – Fulfilled intent: This quality allows you to identify what the author is trying to communicate to you. Fulfilled intent happens when you successfully got the message by comparing your thoughts deduced from the description that author shares about their art. The statement of the artist always deepens and strengthen your understanding about the art that is in front of you.